Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Doesn't Get Any Better

If there is one band I will always love, it's GRIZZLY BEAR
here are a few reasons:

Friday, March 30, 2012


4 months in.
I have accomplished a fair amount.
I'm on a DCT team at the iO West Theater, RIGGINS

I am working at 200 S. La Brea casting studio.
Where I have a set day I work.
I got a raise in a month.
I'm meeting/working with a lot of great people.

I have a video sketch group, BBQ COMMITTEE
who has been featured on the front page of

Have an improv team TIGER BEAT who puts on some of the most fun shows
I have been a part of in a while. No pressure, just fun people playing together.

Aside from Tiger Beat, three of us have a 3 person group we accidentally named
STICKO BLANKO. We do patient and hilarious mono-scene style improv.
We'll be putting on more shows, I'm sure.

I am a part of two writing groups, which causes me to work on a lot of different

I'm coaching an iO Class team we have dubbed "Spaceman's Promise".
I'm working with them on Detours and they are getting great at it.

I live in one of the shittiest buildings I've ever lived in,
but it's not forever. I know that.

I owe a lot to all the friends I have here. I've gotten so much advice and help every step of the way. I'm lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful people.

Los Angeles is great.
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

California Home

I don't post on here anymore.
Who has a blog? Isn't Twitter and Facebook the place to be?
What are you, some kind of jerk?
Los Angeles has been great to me. The secret to making it work is to have a bunch of friends who move here first. Let them get the hang of it and then when you get here, you don't have to make the dumb mistakes they made right off the boat! Also - remember you have to get shit done for yourself. Nobody is going to do it for you, dummy.

I don't think I've ever gone this long without seeing live music. I think the last show I saw was Priory in Portland before moving... 7 months ago? Yikes. Who the hell am I?

I have made some great friends. Got on a new iO dct Team and am writing more than I ever have. It's good.

Here's something from the video sketch group I'm a part of, I co-wrote and acted in:

Friday, November 25, 2011

LA Home

I have been in LA for a week now.
Making these lemons into my lemonade home.
Not even lemons so much. I just have to give it time and figure it all out.
I have this limited time to make naive NEW GUY "mistakes", so I'm trying to
take all of those opportunities. There's a lot of stuff out of my control, so I'm
doing my best to stay as productive as possible.
Luckily I've got a lot of great friends here to help me out every step of the way.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Work Day Wednesday

We took today off from the office. We started the morning by having breakfast with the game director/producer. 2 hours of a great discussion about this game and what we need to do to get everything in order. We're all on the same page and it's going to be very fun.
Next, Amanda and I decided to take a tour of Old Quebec. It's a huge section of town and an amazing sight. Surprises around every corner.

We tried to get some lunch, but it was impossible to find the burritos in this place...

We walked to the St. Lawrence River then up to see the incredible Chateau Frontenac.

Then we paid $2 to ride up a steep cliff in a Funicular. An experience I never thought I'd get!

All in all, Quebec is a beautiful city... but 90% of the retail customer service is terrible. Quebec seems to hold a bigger grudge against Americans than anyone in any other place I've been. Weird.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Work Day Two

"Ubi Tuesday"
My writing partner and I decided to push ourselves and put in a double work day today. We tried to write two days worth of work in one day so we can take some time off tomorrow and check out the city. We almost accomplished our task. I estimate we'll have two hours of work tomorrow, so plenty of time to check this city out in the daylight.

Not much video today.
We were the last people to leave the office today, which is weird considering yesterday was our first day ever even in the place.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Work Day One

Something I learned on my first day of work in Quebec today...
The famous KFC slogan, "Finger Lickin' Good!" doesn't translate very well into Chinese.